Day 21

I am no longer weighing myself daily-that really messes with me.  I am now back to a weekly weigh in.  Continuing with 1200 calories per day and daily workouts.  No longer counting carbs-still avoiding all but “healthy carbs”. still avoiding sugar.

Daily Menu:

Breakfast:  Chicken sausage scrambled in egg whites. 100 calorie of whole wheat bread with 1T peanut butter.

Lunch: 1/2 cucumber, handful of tomatoes, 2 low fat cheese sticks.

Snack. mixed nuts-30

Supper:  Sweet potato-roasted. 3/4 cup taco meat.

I am so craving cheese burgers & fries, pizza & wings.  Thanks to my son I averted a major slip tonight. I told him we were thinking of going out for wings and he said-“don’t do it mom”-made it so much easier for me.




Day 17 weigh in

147.9-this is so much fun…

Becoming Real…I must become a lover of real life in all its complexity and uncertainty…from Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Can you accept just how restrictive you must be in order to loose this weight and not resent it or be annoyed by it? Or are the demands of this something you cannot do gracefully?  No-you can do this, you are doing this, but as with all things in Realville, its God’s timeline, not yours. Stay the course.

Stop being resentful that just eliminating sugar and restricting carbs is not enough and that you must count every calorie and keep those daily calories at or below 1200. Stop being so impatient with the slow pace and remain in a place of acceptance and self-love. You aren’t going to loose 15 pounds in two weeks, it just isn’t going to come off that easy for you-get over it once and for all, and continue doing what you know to do and be real and not resentful. You are what you think-remember that.

Day 16 menu

Breakfast: two egg whites, about 2 oz steak, a half an avacado. cheesecake muffin

Lunch:  mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, about 1/4 cup shrimp salad, 2T blue cheese dressing, 1 reduced fat stick sargento cheese

Supper: chicken breast with spinach dip & salsa, grilled veggies.

Day 14 menu

Breakfast: 2 egg whites. 4 oz ham. 1/2 avacado.

Snack: Apple and 2 sargento reduced fat cheese sticks

Lunch: 1 meatball and vegetables with tomato sauce & mozzerella. cheese cake muffin

Supper: mixed greens, 1/2 cucumber, 15 cherry tomatoes,  3 olives, blue cheese dressing, about 3 tablespoons.